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After several performances, you start to get the hang of what you can skip and what you need to bring for every performance. But for all of my first year students, here is a quick list of what are some essentials at every performance.

Just-In-Case Stuff

Make sure to put your name on your dance bag so it won't get lost or mixed up with the other dancer's bags.

  • make-up

  • red smudge-proof lipstick

  • black duct tape (if dancing on concrete)

  • water bottle

  • bobby pins

  • panty hose

  • safety pins

  • small sewing kit

  • hair brush

  • comfy change of clothes

  • outside shoes

  • hair ties

  • hair spray

  • band-aids

  • deodorant


Remember to bring each item for each region that you are dancing. Make sure to write your name on all of your own belongings so they don't get lost.

  • dresses

  • bloomers

  • pettiskirts

  • aprons

  • fans

  • necklaces

  • folklorico shoes

  • character earrings

  • regional hair (tocado)

  • rebozo

  • hats

What are some of your recital essentials in your bag?

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