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After practicing in your skirt for weeks, they will get sweaty and dirty. Not to mention start to smell funky. Don't worry. You can throw it in your washing machine. No need to dry clean it or anything fancy. Just make sure it is being washed by themselves, they may bleed color onto other clothing. I like to wash mine on the "bedding" setting on my washer. When it's done washing just put it in the dryer (I like to dry mine on the "bedding" setting). They turn out nice and clean.

For the performance dresses. You can choose to dry clean your Jalisco dresses or throw it in the washing machine. Again, I set my washing machine to "bedding" and add 3-4 Shout Color Catchers in with the dress to help catch any colors that may bleed out. The color catchers really help prevent the color from the dress bleeding into the ribbon and lace. This way you always have a nice clean dress for recital and performances.

To get any wrinkles out of any performance dress, I like to use a garment steamer. Works great at getting all the little wrinkles out.

I like to keep my performance dresses in garment bags to keep them dust free between performances and from getting the lace/embroidery/ribbon snagged on any other piece of clothing.

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