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With school/sports/activities AND dance, I like to have a bag ready to go with all my dance class essentials. What do you have in YOUR bag?

  1. Folklorico Shoes - because showing up without your dance shoes is like showing up naked

  2. Hair Ties - helps keep our hair away from our face

  3. Bobby Pins - helps keep your bun and loose hair in place

  4. Dance Bag - so you can put all of your things in to and from class

  5. Comfortable Shoes - because wearing your dance shoes outside shortens their lifespan. Plus, who doesn't like wearing comfy shoes after a long and hard practice

  6. Deodorant - sometimes you just need to re-apply

  7. Water Bottle - drinking water throughout class will help you stay hydrated. And sometimes we will use it as a prop in our practice

  8. Practice Skirt - see #1

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