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  1. BUILDS CONFIDENCE - with various performance opportunities throughout the year, dancing in public is one way of overcoming stage fright

  2. IMPROVES FOCUS & COORDINATION - kids and adults alike are full of energy and find it hard to concentrate on one thing at a time. But during class you have to pay attention to specific steps that include moving your arms and feet at the same time in different directions to music as a group

  3. DEVELOPS SOCIAL SKILLS - folklorico involves a lot of teamwork and cooperation with the same group of dancers week after week, which builds strong bonds and friendships

  4. BENEFITS THEIR HEALTH - with obesity on the rise it's important to get kids active from a young age. Especially in something they enjoy. Folklorico keeps you moving and improves your strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health

  5. EDUCATION - folklorico teaches the dancer and public, culture from the various states, regions within Mexico and surrounding countries. Dancer's learn to identify the various folkloric music, attire, and foot work that match it's specific region. Students are exposed to various Spanish words, allowing them to understand lyrics, foot and arm position names during class

What are some of the benefits you have gained from dancing folklorico?

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